I took these recordings post-divorce during a time when Zach had become extremely volatile and controlling.  I withheld them from the media and was saving them to use as evidence in the criminal trespass trial.  Zach ended up pleading down to Disorderly Conduct while Physically Intoxicated.

  • Zach angry I’m in a relationship with someone who is close to my kids. I tell Zach the kids are scared to death of him.


  • Zach raging about a pumpkin patch trip I took the kids to.


  • Zach wants to brainwash kids


  • Zach threatening legal action for me having a relationship. Dennis Horvath is Zach’s attorney.


  • Zach finds out I have a boyfriend part 1 and 2


  • Zach’s 911 calls to Powell PD during criminal trespassing incident where he’s being a smart ass to the officer and then doesn’t realize he is being recorded and appears to be saying he’s going to fight an officer (part 2 @ 2:26 mark)


More to come!!!


My estranged mother’s interview with PPD during the October 2015 domestic violence investigation. Both my parents defended me and discussed the abuse inflicted by Zach and his treatment of me. My mother changed her story in May 2018, 3 years after the investigation and after a falling out between us.  The falling out was related to her continued involvement with Zach, which made me extremely uncomfortable and feeling betrayed.

  • My mother’s interview

Zach’s mother, Lynn Bruce, following me around my kids practices recording me.  I love my kids and enjoy watching their practices, but going to practices when Zach and his family are there is very difficult. 

  • His mom is wearing red and won’t leave me alone. My dad records her following me around. She is angry about Zach’s court order (which is under seal).
  • Following me around practice recording me.

Zach ranting on social media after his first podcast post and when I missed practice because I was upset about the lies he was spreading and concerned about his volatile behavior.

More to Come!!!