Recordings – Estranged Mother

My estranged mother, Tina Clay Carano, first interviewed with the Powell PD in October 2015. In her interview, she discussed the abuse Zach inflicted on me for many years.  She also submitted her iPhone and iPad to the Powell PD so they could retrieve and authenticate all the messages between her and Zach.  In May 2018, Tina and I had a major falling out and somehow Zach and possibly others, got her to she change her story – 3 years after the domestic violence investigation.  She did an interview with Jeff Snook, who is a close friend of Zach’s family.  Her interview with Jeff Snook has been weaponized against me and used to discredit me.  The Powell PD redacted mine and Zach’s names from the interviews, but here are short excerpts from her interview with the Powell PD:

Tina talks about how Zach would degrade me in front of other people:

“Let’s talk about the neck” Tina and detective discuss seeing marks on me from Zach:

Tina tells detective that Zach would admit the abuse to her and apologize:

Tina tells detective Zach would admit to abuse in text messages and offers her phone to the detective:

Tina tells detective about the night Zach smashed my car with a golf club when I found him cheating on me:

Tina tells detective she fears Zach will take a gun to me. Detective talks about his concern Zach will do something to me:

Tina loans Zach money so he can get help, but he lies to her:

Tina discusses the neighbor witnessing Zach’s treatment of me:

Tina discusses my children witnessing Zach’s abusive behavior:

Tina discusses how my teenage sister feels about Zach’s abusive behavior:

Full audio from her interview: