A Podcast of Lies

Even Charles Manson had his followers…

As I have said before, my ex-husband Zach Smith has recently created a podcast,  which I admit I have listened to, not because I’m a fan, but because I need to know what false information he is spreading about me and others. He is using his podcast to trash people, exact “revenge” and continue his harassment of me and the people close to me. I understand that certain people have taken a liking to his podcast and that is somewhat understandable if you’re the gullible type.  Admittedly, I was once in that category and I fell for his lies not just because he’s so convincing…and believe me he really is, but because I wanted to believe him. I cannot say this enough….his podcast and social media are filled with a bunch of lies and I’m going to reveal to everyone how he uses his platform and followers to defraud people and create fake narratives.

Why do I believe his podcast is such a problem? My issue with his podcast isn’t just his use of it as a tool for continued bullying and harassment, but it’s symbolic of the imbalance of power between me and him. This imbalance of power for so long has allowed men like him to inflict so much damage to women or anyone who attempts to defy the status quo. His podcast, his connections and his social media are a perfect example of a systemic inequality and the impact that inequality has on victims like me who do not share the same influence.  Through his connections and influence he has consistently escaped accountability and wreaked havoc in my life.  In comparison to me, Zach has a Twitter account with 61K followers, he is the grandson of Earle Bruce, a former beloved Ohio State football coach, he grew up in Columbus, he and his family have many connections throughout the community, at Ohio State and in the media.  A woman like me, in a position like mine – without the money, power, connections or influence isn’t just fighting an ex-husband, she’s fighting an institution. The college football industry is worth billions of dollars and dominated by powerful men with substantial influence; women in this industry are often treated like nothing more than accessories. I will not be the first woman or the last to be steamrolled by a broken system that often silences women and harbors abusive men with little to no repercussions.  

Getting back to the podcast – Zach has ranted over and over again about exposing people and getting revenge, but let me say that this podcast isn’t just about exposing or exacting revenge on people that he falsely believes “hurt” him.  It is so much more than that. It’s about becoming irrelevant, a narcissist’s worst nightmare and Zach is a textbook malignant narcissist and malignant narcissists are widely known to be abusive. It’s also a means for deflection and projection, a technique he often used on me during our marriage.  If he can rant about others and trash their reputations, then he can draw attention away from all the awful things he did. Additionally, no one will listen to a Zach Smith podcast unless he can tie influential public figures to it and unless he can concoct outrageous stories to keep people listening.  Zach knows how to work social media and he knows that there is no way for anyone to verify the information that he is putting out there. 

He is essentially defrauding everyone that is listening and exploiting his ties to Ohio State and people that are still in the business. He is capitalizing on this trend of people only caring about headlines and not bothering to investigate or even read the meat of a story. He is also taking advantage of defamation laws of public figures, knowing that they either can’t sue without proving malice and damages and won’t bother to sue when there is so little to gain because he isn’t worth the legal fees.  He is also aware of how the college football profession functions and he knows that people still working for major universities will not give attention or credence to his podcast.  Athletic directors will not allow their coaches or staff to engage with someone like Zach, it isn’t befitting of a prestigious program to allow their employees to roll around with a pig.

One of the more disgusting parts of his podcast though, isn’t just the lies, but the people that are supporting him and using their platform to promote it.  Are people so blinded by overzealous fandom that they refuse to see what is right in front of them? Even after having dealt with Zach’s behavior for so many years – the lying, gaslighting, physical abuse, bullying, threats, etc. – it still sometimes shocks me the lengths he will go to and how dishonest he is.  The lies he tells are truly astounding. His stories about me are 100% false and have reached a level of emotional abuse I could never have imagined.  Even more disgusting are the people who surround him and are willingly enabling and coddling him.

I wish I could address all the lies and personal attacks he has levied at people on his podcast and social media, but there are just too many.   Let me start by addressing some of the trash he has spewed so far, these are not in any order and I’m sure I will have to post more rebuttals to his podcast in future posts:

  • That we had a crazy night together in May 2018. I’m almost at a loss for words about this accusation and its a perfect example of how perverse this man is. There is not a shred of truth to this. Let me just say the things he did during our marriage were so disturbing and degrading, I would never touch that man again.  I will never forget how his indiscretions and deviant behavior forced me to go through extensive, painful and humiliating STD testing. Yet, even through all that, time and time again, he would make me uncomfortable by making lewd remarks and sexual advances towards me.  He has no boundaries and it’s sickening that he would publicly state something like this.

Sure Jan

  • He was talking to Urban about being promoted to OC and he was an “up and coming” coach. I have to admit this one made me chuckle.  After 7 years on staff and no promotions, he was actually being told by Urban Meyer to start looking for other jobs, which he did try to do, but could not find anyone to hire him. Why else would he interview at Alabama for a lateral move with Urban’s consent? He was given raises, but that was only to keep him quiet and around long enough for recruiting and until Urban could find a suitable replacement. Why did Urban want him fired? Zach’s antics had worn on Urban and he was only keeping him around because of his loyalty to Earle Bruce. He often made comments to other coaches and staff members that once Earle passed away, he was getting rid of Zach.  Earle Bruce passed away on April 20, 2018. Why couldn’t Zach find another job? Because coaches talk and his reputation as being unhireable had spread fast throughout coaching circles. If he had been worth anything as a coach, he would have been promoted or offered a job by one of the departing coaches. Consider the coaches that have left Ohio State for head coaching gigs (Fickell, Herman, Withers, Ash, Vrabel) and Zach’s “friends” and connections in the industry (Addazio, Rhule, Holliday, Locksley) and yet none of them offered him a job.Hartline_Redacted FinalClick image for larger view
  • He got offered the job by Alabama.  He did not get offered that job. Nick Saban did interview him, however, there was a female that worked in the recruiting office at Alabama that had a relationship with Zach after we divorced.  Their relationship did not end well after she discovered the truth about him…she found his phone and some very disturbing things were on it.  She tracked me down to tell me about it and we ended up becoming friends, more on this later. She informed Coach Saban about what she knew and Coach Saban then reached out to other coaches that had worked with Zach to find out the truth about him.  He did not hear good things and Zach was not offered the job.
  • The 2015/2016 football season failures were all Ed Warriner’s fault.  I have a lot of respect for Ed as a husband and father. In the time I got to know him and his wife, Marybeth, I found him to be a loyal and faithful family man.  Zach’s attacks on Ed and Marybeth have more to do with the fact that they both wanted him fired because of his behavior and the preferential treatment he was being given by Urban.  The friction between the Warriners and Zach became so bad that at one point Marybeth and Zach got into a nasty confrontation at the football facility during the 2016 season.  I’m sure that Ed has his faults as a coach, all coaches do, but keep in mind that the man blaming Ed is also the man that spent much of the 2015 & 2016 football season missing meetings, skipping recruiting trips, sleeping around, and abusing drugs and alcohol to the point of being sent to rehab by OSU in May 2016.  He might have been a good recruiter, but Zach was dead weight as far as coaching was concerned.  He was too busy taking pornographic pictures and videos in the offices, abusing alcohol/drugs and spending time on websites like Dickflash.com and Model Mayhem (more on this later) to actually do any coaching.  I can’t imagine being saddled with a coach like Zach and the friction it was causing the staff was any help to Ed Warriner.Zach Rebab text_RedactedZach Smith Rehab emailClick image for a larger view 
    Click to read more about misogynists
    Link to OSU investigation files
  • That he had moved on with his life and that my boyfriend and I could not move on with ours and we were jealous of his success.  Zach was extremely jealous of any man I dated.  Zach did not want a divorce even though he was abusive and a serial cheater with sex and porn addictions. He would frequently berate me and my boyfriend and at one point attempted to get him fired from his job for kidnapping when we took the kids to Disney World (Zach texts about Boyfriend)  He legally tried to get him out of my life, he stalked me at my home, which resulted in a trespass warning from the Powell PD not to go on my property again.  He violated the trespass warning, got arrested for criminal trespass (ZS Criminal Trespass Arrest report) and then lied in the media about it being a set up (criminal trespassing texts) He eventually got charged with disorderly conduct while physically intoxicated (ZS drunk and disorderly conduct) for showing up drunk and stalking me at my home in the middle of the night. (neighbor reports Zach stalking my place) Does this sound like a man who had moved on with his life?  (Zach Smith Audios)

zach texts drews phone threatening to contact his work

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  • Tom and Michelle Herman were the leak to Brett McMurphy because of a recruit –  This story is a as fake as Zach’s victim and father’s rights narrative.  Zach claimed to have evidence of this, which he has never produced because it doesn’t exist, unless he’s spent these last 9 months trying to fabricate it.  I’ll reveal more about how I came into contact with Brett McMurphy and why I chose to do an interview with him in a later post. The truth is, since 2015, Zach had an axe to grind with the Hermans.  I’ll also get into all the details about why they had issues, why I chose to leave them out of my interview and provide evidence for it in a later blog post. In short though, Zach was going to do whatever he could to damage their reputation because of how they intervened after the 2015 domestic violence incident…and yes, back then while they were at Houston they did intervene.
  • All I care about is money.  I have not received a child support payment in almost a year. (Motion for Contempt_Child Support.) Prior to that, I was awarded $1,892 per month in child support and $3K in alimony for 3.5 years.  (Divorce Decree_Alimony see p 6.)  The kids live with me 70% of the time and I pay all of their expenses out of child support and alimony, including all of my nursing school expenses/tuition. My child support and alimony payments were calculated based on Zach’s salary from 2015, which was around $180K. He received over $120K in raises since, yet I never took him back to court for an increase in child support.  I’m not complaining because I know there are so many women suffering and living off so much less, but I was definitely not living a life of luxury nor was I a gold digger.
  • He has 50/50 custody and that is why he does not pay child support –  He has our kids 30% of the time Shared Parenting Plan see Pg 4 and he does not pay child support because he would rather spend thousands per month at Kinsale country club, the local bars, liquor stores, amazon.com, etc. than support his children.
  • A flight attendant & coaches sex ring being run by the DFO at a small school – my eyes are rolling so hard on this one I might need surgery to get them back into place. The sex ring stories are false and another attempt by Zach to draw attention to his podcast by using outrageous stories.  I’m actually surprised he isn’t being sued by the DFO he accused for this one. That DFO wouldn’t necessarily be considered a public figure, so the standards for defamation in his case would be lower than anyone else.  You never know though, there is still time on that statute of limitations. Regardless, Zach is the last person that should ever be discussing deviant sexual behavior by anyone for any reason.  The white house d*** pics and amazon sex toys do not scratch the surface of the things Zach has done.
  • Butch Jones is a douchebag, a horrible coach and horrible recruiter – Butch Jones is just another casualty in the Zach Smith saga.  I have no idea what Butch Jones is like as a football coach, I do know that Zach desperately wanted a job with him when he was hired at Cincinnati and Urban pressured Butch Jones into hiring Zach, but Butch refused to even interview him.  Naturally, Zach being a narcissistic sociopath took Butch’s slight to another level and has had a deep-seated hatred for him ever since.
  • Dan Mullen has an illegitimate child –  It was never any secret that Dan Mullen had a child before he was married and he has fully embraced this child and has never attempted to hide that from anyone.  Zach’s issue with Dan Mullen is that Dan Mullen despised Zach and like many others, always thought Zach was a lazy, worthless coach who rode his grandfather’s coattails into the coaching industry.  He had zero respect for him and wouldn’t even consider hiring him for any job at either of his stops as a head coach.  Isn’t it interesting how some of the most successful coaches in the industry wanted nothing to do with Zach? Wouldn’t that speak volumes to most people about how Zach’s colleagues viewed him as a person?
  • He is fighting to see his children and fighting for father’s rights – This might be the most offensive of his fake narratives.  Again, Zach has visitation with our kids once a week and every other weekend. He lost visitation for a few days when he refused to comply with a court order put in place to ensure the safety of our children.  This court order is currently under seal to protect him from embarrassment.  He then went on a rampage and violated the CPO when he attempted to take our kids from school without permission. The parenting plan states that his parenting time that day did not begin until 6:45pm and the CPO states that all parenting time exchanges must take place at the Powell police station.  Instead of following court orders, he followed me into the school, berated the staff and got arrested for violating the CPO  (my 911 call).  Of course, he then ran straight to the media and blamed me again claiming he was ambushed. Zach Smith arrested at school.

My 911 call from Elementary School

  • He knew Aaron Hernandez was gay – I have no clue if Aaron Hernandez was gay and neither does Zach, but Zach is the last person that should be talking about or mocking another person’s sexuality.
  • Announced my engagement then went on to say that my fiance is the reason why I no longer speak to my mother and that he couldn’t handle being with “an ex wife of an Ohio State football coach” (hold on while I try to control my gag reflexes) – Way to beat me to the punch with MY engagement announcement. I’m truly flattered. Obviously, he could handle it because he put a ring on it. The issue was learning how to deal with a sociopath not Zach’s job title. There are many reasons why I no longer speak to my mother. It is a very complex and heartbreaking story that I will explain in another post.

Intro to My Blog

Link to full interview

Some of you who have never heard of the Zach and Courtney Smith domestic violence story, might have no clue who I am or why I’m writing this blog. So to give you a quick overview of how this all started, I am Courtney Carano Smith, the ex-wife of Zach Smith, a former Ohio State University football coach.  In August of 2018, I did a sit down interview with Brett McMurphy of the Stadium to discuss the years of domestic abuse I endured during my marriage.  During that time, my story became a media frenzy and resulted in the suspension of head coach Urban Meyer. As expected, my story was not well received by the people in my community and rabid Ohio State fans.  I’ve learned to live with that, but what I cannot live with is the continued harassment and emotional abuse from my ex-husband.

After my first interview was released, I was silenced by those surrounding me due to concerns that using a media platform would hurt my chances of gaining full custody of my children and have a negative impact on them. I trusted this advice and followed up in the media with statements only written by my attorney.  I have since learned that a person cannot advocate for themselves or others by living in silence. Like many others in my situation, the abuse did not end once the divorce papers were filed. Abusers don’t just wake up one day and stop being abusers.  Instead, I have endured years of stalking, harassment, verbal and emotional abuse that persists to this day.

Fortunately for me, once my story went public, I filed for and was granted a civil protection order from my ex-husband (MY civil protection order). Others are not so lucky, I’m only one person among millions who have endured some type of domestic abuse in their lifetime and I’m only one person among millions fighting a broken system. Often, a victim does not even realize they’re being abused if the abuse isn’t physical. Yet, domestic abuse can take on many forms. With this blog, I intend to educate people on the many ways an abuser can control and destroy a victim’s life. Sometimes I look back on everything I’ve been through in my marriage and divorce and I can hardly believe it all myself. Until a person has experienced abuse at the hands of someone who is supposed to love and protect them, one cannot imagine the toll it takes on your physical and emotional health.

dv HOTLINEClick link for a larger view

My hope is that by continuing to share my story in its entirety, by holding nothing back, I can be the voice that so many women in my situation desperately need. Unlike others, I intend to tell the rest of my story in a way that is factual and evidence based.  I’ll be including information from my domestic violence investigation files and I’ll also be including never released recordings (link to Zach audios), pictures, screenshots, text messages and emails. My blog is a work in progress and one that I hope to develop over time, but initially these are the following topics I will be addressing

  • The Perpetual Victim
  • The Podcast of Lies
  • The Infamous Google Drive
  • I’m Not Alone
  • Urban and Shelley Meyer – what they really knew and who told them
  • Tom and Michelle Herman – our friendship and their involvement in my life
  • Speaking Up – how I really met Brett McMurphy and why I chose him
  • Shared Parenting at it’s Finest
  • My Mother, My Enemy
  • Like Mother, Like Sons
  • Lies, Lies and More Lies – Criminal Trespassing, the CPO, Memo of Understanding
  • Living with Domestic Abuse – timeline and my experience with it
  • The Ins and Outs of Rehab
  • Sweeping Domestic Violence Under the Rug – the Powell PD investigation
  • Message Board Warriors
  • The Custody Battle
  • Malignant Narcissists, Entitlement and Enabling
  • The Cycle of Domestic Abuse
  • Types of Domestic Abuse
  • Resources for Victims of Domestic Abuse
  • Nursing Life and Resources

Where We are Now

These past few months while I have been quietly fighting in family court for custody of my children, my ex-husband has done nothing but exploit my silence and use his media platform to harass, intimidate, and slander me, family members, friends, and supporters.  Recently, Zach started a podcast, also known as his “revenge tour.” As expected, he is using his podcast and public twitter account, which has over 61,000 followers, to smear my reputation and to intimidate me and those close to me. This is his way of continuing his cycle of abuse through a different outlet since he cannot legally contact me or come near me (MY Civil Protection Order). Please understand that those of you who are supporting him and his rages are only perpetuating the cycle of abuse.

After my ex-husband posted an extremely disturbing video of himself at one of our daughter’s softball practices, I finally had enough. Our daughter missed TWO practices, both of which were after he was released from jail for violating the CPO and after he released his podcast. I decided to skip those practices because I was in fear and it was too much to face him knowing he or his family would try to harass or intimidate me  (Video Zach’s mom -red shirt- harassing me).  So in response to us missing practice, here is what he posted.

Not only does the video show the world how mentally unstable and unhinged he is, it also shows he has absolutely no regard for the damage he is causing as he continues to use our children as pawns in his very public social media rages. Enough is enough. I have decided to speak out for myself and others because the public deserves the truth before they buy into his “poor me” stories on his so called “revenge tour.” The truth is, that like most abusers, my ex-husband isn’t anything like who he portrays himself to be.  Instead, he is a fraud, an alcoholic, a bully, an abuser and a deadbeat dad, who for the past year, has chosen spending thousands on a country club membership over paying court-ordered child support. This time around I will hold nothing back and I will not ever back down to that man again.

I’m sure Zach will respond with his own recordings or whatever he took of me during our marriage and to that I say, bring it on!  I have nothing to hide.  I admit to crying, screaming,and berating him for the things he did to me. He cheated on me more times than I can count, (my sorority sister from college, the wife of a former OSU player, the office secretary, etc.) he physically abused me, he lied, manipulated and gaslighted me endlessly.

Lastly, this blog is not a place for disgruntled Ohio State fans to air out their differences. I don’t care if my story has somehow tainted the reputation of a storied football program, I will not tolerate any type of harassment or verbal abuse from Ohio State fans or readers. I am happy to engage readers and answer questions and share information or resources provided by readers, but I will not tolerate harassment of any sort. Thank you for following my blog and sharing in my journey, your support means the world to me!


Zach Smith Audios
MY Civil Protection Order