The Hermans Part III – Heavy is the Head…

As you can see, I have learned to document everything and be meticulous about it. When you have been the victim of domestic violence, you have no other option.  Even with everything I have saved, it still isn’t enough to convince people that my ex is violent and mentally unstable and needs to face consequences for his behavior. This makes me sad for all victims of domestic violence, assault, child abuse and harassment.

I’d like to point out that the Hermans have always known if I ever spoke out publicly, Zach was going to attack them directly.  That is what Zach does to everyone I care about.  He does this so people will walk away and I’ll be isolated.  The Hermans and I have had some disagreements along the way, but they have always been fair and reasonable with me.  For the past 4 years, they have always been in my corner, with nothing to gain from doing so.

I have nothing to give them, I have no connections, I have no money and I have no power.  The only things I have of value in my life are my children, my family, my education, and my voice.


March 2017 – Legal fees

By March 2017, I was crushed by legal debt from finalizing our divorce and being raked through the courts.  We were already divorced, but Zach kept using the courts to harass me because he wasn’t paying legal fees to his dometic attorney, who was a big Ohio State fan.  He filed frivolous contempt motions, such as trying to hold me in contempt for taking the kids to Disney World (even though I had permission) and he went as far as accusing me of kidnapping them.

Text message to my fiance, Zach also attempted to contacted my fiance’s employer and tell them my fiance was kidnapping our kids.  Zach text admitting he doesn’t pay his domestic attorney legal fees.  


Why is he always blowing kisses at other men when he is angry?


When I told the Hermans I was considering quitting school to go back to work full-time, they were really upset and adamant I stay in school.  I was financially strapped, exhausted from fighting Zach, trying to manage life with 2 kids and full-time nursing school, so they offered to help me by lending me money to pay off my legal debt. They believed, having a career that would allow me to stand on my own financially, was a way to get me further away from Zach.  This was a big deal to them because Tom was raised by a single mom and had an alcoholic father, who never paid a dime of child support, he is very open about this.  I’m livid Zach and his network tried to spin this into anything more than what it was; they wanted to help me out of a bad situation.

They also told me I could actually negotiate my legal fees down to a more reasonable level and they would help do it. It was time consuming, but it worked and I was thrilled!!!! Michelle also used her connections in Columbus to help me find a less expensive, but aggressive attorney.  I didn’t use her suggestion though; the attorney was an Ohio State graduate and I wanted nothing to do with Ohio State.

I have not yet paid the Hermans back the money they loaned me and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to.  They told me not to worry about it and IF I can pay the favor forward in another way, I should.  Later on, I am so excited to tell everyone what my plan is!


You can skip ahead and not read document below.  I posted this because I want people to realize how much the Hermans really did help me and how much my ex has lied about who they are.

Gmail New Attorney_Page_1



Fall 2017 – Wasted Coach (strange story I have to share)

Sometime during the 2017 football season, a very inebriated head coach contacted Tom in the late evening hours after a loss and started harassing him.  Spurred on by Zach, he threatened to “expose” Tom to a prominent national reporter.  I don’t know if this coach was on something or just completely smashed, because he got all up in his feelings about losing on his son’s birthday and blamed Tom for ruining it.  He was so drunk, he ended up telling Tom that Zach was the one who put him up to it.  Tom promptly informed him of the kind of person this coach was getting his information from.  Wasted head coach turned right around and called Zach to tell him about it.  Zach then texted Tom and lied about his part in it.  I’d like to say to all head coaches…never drunk dial or drunk text a rival, you never know who is saving your texts or recording your drunk tirades.

Isn’t it interesting how Zach accused Tom of leaking to Brett McMurphy, but almost a year before, Zach tried to leak “dirt” on Tom to a reporter?  Hypocrisy…thy name is Zach Smith.

KeEP mY NaME oUt OF yOur mOUtH

Zach and Tom text exchange
Tom Zach 1

Tom Zach 3




July 2018 – Coming out Publicly, Brett McMurphy

I made the choice to come out publicly with my story after Zach’s arrest for criminal trespass went public and Zach and his attorney, Brad Koffel, accused me of “setting him up” on Brad Koffel’s radio show.  I was in fear Zach would once again use his connections to get away with criminal trespass and continue to make my life a living hell.   For months, Zach harassed me and even hired a PI to stalk me and my boyfriend. The PI took pictures of me on my patio, and through the windows of my family room and my kitchen.  I have already posted audio recordings of Zach from mid-2017 onward.  Zach and his attorney were lying about everything and I had evidence to prove it.


criminal trespassing texts


When the criminal trespass story broke, I was being contacted by multiple reporters, including Brett McMurphy.  So much so, I had to change my number immediately.  People knew there was more to the story than just criminal trespassing; Zach’s problems were well-known across the coaching community and in Columbus.  One reporter even showed up to my house and left a business card on my door.

I contacted the Hermans to tell them about going public with my story and to get their thoughts on it.  They had major concerns and counseled me about it.  Ultimately, I decided it was what I had to do.  I did not share too much information with them about my plans though.  The Hermans were honest with me when they said they would have to contact their agent to tell him about it because it could possibly impact them.   They shared an agent with Urban and they could not promise what they shared with their agent would not get back to Urban.  However, I did ask their opinions about the different reporters that were contacting me. Michelle said she didn’t know any of them and Tom told her he didn’t know any of them well enough to be comfortable recommending them to me.





Zach Attack Begins

Ultimately, I chose to go with Bretty McMurphy because I believed he would be the most willing to fight for me.  After Brett posted the story about Zach’s Gainesville incident, Zach and his friends started using troll accounts on twitter to attack the Hermans, accusing the Hermans of leaking stuff to Brett McMurphy.

Zach’s Twitter TrollsHerman Twitter Trolls


They figured out right away it was coming from Zach, his family and his friends, big surprise!  Michelle had no issue confronting Zach head on (see below).  They told the truth about not leaking to Brett and have always stood by it.  Michelle had never met Brett McMurphy and didn’t know anything about him.  Tom knew him, but not well enough to know if he could be trusted with everything I had.


Text exchange between Tom, Zach and Michelle re: Brett McMurphy

Zach_Tom_McMurphy 1

Zach_Tom_McMurphy 2



November 2018 – Twitter tirade

On November 11, 2018, Michelle received a call from a friend in Columbus who spent the day at Kinsale Country club.  He reported Zach was there getting hammered with his brother and father and they were ranting very loudly about Tom and Michelle.  They were saying Brett McMurphy was digging into another story about Zach (Trevon Grimes) and Zach was going to try to link it to Tom and he was going to “expose Tom” on twitter.  Nobody knows this, but Tom and Michelle were fully aware of what Zach was planning to do when he went on his twitter tirade a few hours later.

I’m not going to post the tirade because it would take up 3 pages here and I think after reading previous posts of mine, we all understand what his tirades look like.  I am going to post some of the replies that had us cracking up that night.

Twitter Gold

twitter gold


I’m not happy about the things he said about the Hermans and I don’t ever believe a word that comes out of Zach’s mouth.  However, I’m mostly pissed about what he said about my friendship with Michelle.  Michelle isn’t a crier, it’s just not how she is and it’s pretty obvious to most people, it wouldn’t take 6 years for a person like Michelle to figure out how to leave a marriage.  I spent days racking my brains trying to think of where he would have come up with that or why I would have ever said something like that, because it didn’t happen.  Michelle told me “Stop doing this to yourself, this is exactly what he wanted you to do.”  She was right, this is what Zach does to people, it’s gas lighting.


“Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown”

I don’t believe Zach will ever leave the Hermans alone, or any other coach he deems the enemy of the week.  He is desperate to get the Hermans to acknowledge him or interact with him publicly and bring him attention.  I have no doubt, soon we’ll be hearing a story from Zach and his family’s mouthpiece, Jeff Snook.  Be ready for it Longhorn fans!

Zach is consumed, whether it’s sex addiction, substance abuse, or rage, he is always consumed by something.  The more success the Hermans have, the more consumed he will be and the more he will attack.   I will never be free of him either.  He is only quiet about me now because he has an upcoming trial next month for violating my CPO and our custody case is still not final.  Zach holds onto rage like Gollum does precious, when my CPO expires, I shudder to think what my life will be like again.




Zach will have no shortage of accomplices to help him in his attacks.  This is the nature of college football and rival fan bases are vicious.  As you can see, other coaches are equally as vicious and back stabbing.  The college coaching profession is ruthless and it’s – eat or be eaten, trust no one.  Head Coaches are always an easy target, but that is why they get paid the big bucks; it doesn’t make it any easier on them or their families though.

I only have this to say to college football fans, think about who you are aligning yourself with.  If you find yourself hanging on to an abuser’s every word, eating it up and savoring the taste of it, what does that say about you? This is not over for Zach and I have more than enough evidence to back up all my claims. As more comes out, you are going to learn how truly sick and dangerous an individual he is and he should never have gone this long without being held accountable.

I want to end this post by thanking the Hermans publicly.  I’m sorry for what my ex-husband has put you through, your friendship means everything to me and I want the world to know how deeply grateful I am for what you have done for me and my children.


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