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Flying Monkeys and Narcissists explained

Today I’m dedicating this special section of this post to Kyle Lamb, Lt. Flying Monkey aka Johnny Neutral, not only because he dedicated about 30 minutes of his podcast to me (I’m honored), but also because as Kyle said on his podcast “I asked her to answer questions and she hasn’t answered them yet.”  In my opinion, Kyle is the perfect representation of the utter delusion, hypocrisy, passive-aggressiveness, misogyny and blind homerism that is emblematic of overly-invested football fans.  Yes Kyle, you are so special you get your own post, pat yourself on the back!  For those wondering, Kyle Lamb is the rosy-cheeked overlord of, a website, and he also has a podcast called Unscripted Ohio.  I recently had a “feud” with this man on twitter, which he called “very public”…because once again he is that special; he then went on to talk about me and our feud on his Podcast.  Now, I can’t tag him on twitter again because Kyle, the non-misogynist, blocked me from his twitter for calling him out and then defending myself by standing up to him, so I’ll just respond here on my attention-seeking blog that Buckeye fans claim no one reads.

And before I go any further, Kyle, I don’t have a subscription to your website, but I have many friends who do and they like to send me screenshots of yours (and Nevadabuck’s) posts about me.  This might come as a surprise to you, but they also think you’re a smug, passive-aggressive, know-it-all.  If there is one valuable lesson I have learned from this experience, it’s – save, record, and document everything!



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Here we go and once again let me remind, Kyle, you asked for it:

To start with, our very public feud started on twitter when Kyle first accused Brenda Tracy of trying to be “judge and jury”  in a tweet which I posted above.  I took exception to his tweet because just 10 weeks earlier, after my ex-husband was arrested for violating my CPO, Kyle ran straight to his website and accused me of  “ambushing my ex-husband” and then on twitter of “manipulating a protection order.  He also previously defended my ex-husband on twitter for “raising his voice” the day he was arrested. Kyle then claimed he stands by what he says and it’s a fact that I ambushed him and manipulated my CPO, yet he wasn’t there when it happened, didn’t witness anything, hasn’t taken witness statements, hasn’t been to the trial and knows nothing of that day other than what little bit was reported in the media and likely what he was told by my ex-husband and his attorney.  Not sure how he can state something as a “fact” when he has no evidence to back it up.


Later during our very public feud on twitter, he went on to claim that he never talks about me or my ex-husband and is “neutral.”  I don’t know what Kyle’s experience with protection orders is, unless of course someone has one against him, and it’s obvious to me that he doesn’t understand what a fact is or the definition of neutral, but my ex-husband’s trial for the violation of my CPO is on August 6th. It is open to the public and he is welcome to attend, not as “judge and jury” obviously!

Side note – I’m going to give Kyle a crash course on CPOs and how they work. Here is a link to my non-mutual CPO (My Civil Protection Order).  So, Johnny Neutral, if my ex were to show up to a place unexpectedly and I was there, he would not be arrested unless he refused to leave, which he did refuse at the elementary school.  If I were to show up at any place, except for a school activity (pickup/drop off is not considered a school activity) and Zach was at that place, he would have to leave within a reasonable amount of time.  If he refused to leave he would be arrested.  Now you see Kyle, up until that point we have not had any issues with our path’s crossing and it triggering a CPO violation because I don’t spend my days following him around town trying to “manipulate” my protection order.

Moving on though – should Kyle decide to show up at his trial for whatever reason, he might come to learn that my ex-husband was in contempt of an invaluable order that was put into place for the safety of our children.  His issues are not just a matter of safety for my children, but a matter of public safety. The court order I’m referring to was put under seal to protect my ex-husband from embarrassment…he has a way of getting a lot of his stuff sealed. This is all well and good, however, it was because of this order that he was not allowed to see our children.

Because my ex-husband has a history of disregard for authority and bad case of raging entitlement, not getting our children on demand incensed him to the point that he thought he could violate both the sealed order and the order for parenting time by showing up to the school and grabbing our kids.  Kyle might also come to find out at the trial that my ex was also in violation of our current court-approved parenting plan and CPO, which requires all pick up and drop off to occur at the Powell Police station and that my ex-husband was not allowed to have our children until 6:45pm that day. However, he wouldn’t have gotten them anyway because he was still in violation of the sealed court order.

If Kyle stays a little longer at the trial, he might find out that on that day, I received a call from the Principal at the school notifying me that Zach contacted them and told them he was going to the school to pick up our children…in violation of the court orders.  Now, I’m assuming Kyle with his fancy schmancy education knows schools are required to comply with all court orders…this includes our parenting plan and CPO.  The school contacted me and asked me if I wanted to do parent pick up that day and I agreed to it.

When we arrived, my ex-husband in all his raging entitlement, demanded the school hand over our children, he berated the school staff and refused to leave, prompting both the principal and me to call the Delaware County Sheriff’s office and Powell Police. I guess Johnny Neutral takes no issue with “raising voices” at overworked school employees and in front of other children and their parents. I take issue with it though, school employees who don’t deserve to be treated like crap for doing their jobs take issue with it, parents of school children take issue with it – especially the ones who try to teach our children to respect teachers and school staff.


Enough of the trial talk, in Kyle’s Podcast he also claimed that I’m jealous of my ex-husband’s success with his podcast. Not sure what he defines as success, but if it’s enough to pay his back child support and medical insurance expenses, I’m more than happy to let him keep doing what he is doing.  What I take issue with, is that he launched his podcast under the premise of a “revenge tour” and on the backs of me and other people still in the coaching profession. He lured people into his podcast with his shock value and his first 4 to 5 episodes and in his Behind the Scenes series, he made sure to spend time trashing me, my family, my friends and other people in the coaching profession. I mean, he even announced my engagement before I had the chance to!  I suppose I should appreciate his fake support of my engagement. However, he’s been trashing me and my family this entire year while I stayed silent.


Now, has my ex-husband been quiet for the last few weeks? Sure. Probably because he doesn’t want anyone to know about this blog, probably because he didn’t think I would ever find the courage to stand up to him again and probably because he didn’t think I would ever be brave enough to talk about the rest of the awful things he did. I mean why wouldn’t he think that, I put up with it for all those years, didn’t I?  However, I know my ex-husband well enough to know that it’s unlikely he will stay quiet for long or that his rages will end, because as Shelley Meyer once said “he has anger/rage issues” and as a Psych nurse she would know better than anyone, that people with his issues don’t recover without intervention, counseling, intensive therapy and possibly medication.

III. C. 2. (b) SM-UM text re concerns about ZS_Redacted
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Click link for Shelley Meyer Full Texts

Back to the Kyle’s podcast, he also claimed that 4 years ago I legally changed my last name from Smith to Carano, which is another falsehood Lt. Flying Monkey is peddling and here is a picture of my license to prove it Driver’s License Redacted.  I have no special affinity for the name Smith, other than my two children have the same last name and it’s common for single mothers to keep their married last name for the sake of the children. It is my legal name, it is easier to recognize me by that name and yes, it is easier for people to connect my story from last year with my blog by using my full legal and identifiable name, Courtney Carano Smith.  However, I currently use Courtney Leigh on my private Facebook account filled with all my friends who couldn’t care less what name I use.  Enough of me carrying on with the details, I’m sure Kyle will be thrilled (and happy for me) to know that I’m getting remarried soon and I will legally change my last name.

Moving forward – on Kyle’s podcast he went on to say that I’m writing my blog “for attention.”  Really Kyle?????? You think I want people to pay attention to the things I’m writing?  How in the world did you figure that out?  Must be that “fancy schmancy” education of yours!  I suppose in theory, it would be more useful to spend all my time writing a blog that I don’t want anyone to read or know about. Again I ask, where was all this talk of “attention-seeking” from Johnny Neutral when my ex-husband was going on twitter tirades, trashing people publicly and promoting his podcast every way possible? Oh yeah, here it is:


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Even though Kyle has said he “never talks about me,” on his website he also once discussed a video of me that my ex-husband posted on twitter months ago.  So, I’m going to take a second to discuss Kyle’s post and that video.  First, Flying Monkey – that video isn’t the “real” me and his brother’s account of me isn’t “accurate.” I think you should know, the night my ex-husband started recording my outburst at him, prior to that I caught him cheating on me once again. Instead of admitting to what he was doing, he took a golf club to my car, punched a wall and smashed a picture on the wall.  You can listen to my estranged mother, Tina, talk about that night.

Tina tells detective about the night Zach smashed my car with a golf club when I found him cheating on me:

You see, I used to catch him recording me in different situations, like when I would cry about our problems or when I would vent about his vices. Towards the end of our marriage, I figured out what he was doing hence the reason I said “stop taking false videos” and tried to snatch the phone out of his hand, to which he responded “OMG, she hit me”…very clever of him wouldn’t you say?  And yes, I will be addressing his recordings and videos in another post, because you see, he had a bizarre habit of setting people up and collecting blackmail on me and his “friends” and other people, one of which was an Ohio State player.  Now, I’m not educated in these things, but if this ever came our publicly, I think it could possibly trigger a Title VI and NCAA investigation, considering why it happened and what I found.  However, I really don’t want to talk about this, so I’ll just do my best to keep that little file tucked away…mmmkay?

How do I know all this? Because I am the one that found it all in his google and hard drive the night I left him for good. I suppose someone who was getting involved in the stuff he was involved in would need all that blackmail to keep people quiet. And yeah it would suck for people if he started leaking his “blackmail,” but then at least people will finally know what his idea of friendship is, people will finally know what kind of man they’re dealing with – the kind of man who has no boundaries, no loyalty and no conscience. Oh, and should he decide to leak his blackmail…turnabout is always fair play, right?




Is it just me or does it seem that Kyle delights in the idea of my ex-husband “exposing” people or getting “people’s jobs in jeopardy,” as if that will somehow make Kyle more right about him?  That is exactly the kind of delusion that would make a narcissist like my ex-husband believe that  “all his skeletons” have been exposed.  Delusions that make him overlook the fact that I found dozens of his files (hundreds of pictures, recordings, emails and text messages) and that I took a lot of time and effort investigating his disturbing hobbies.  So to this I say, wanna bet????

Kyle Lamb Ghostwriter


Kyle and his sidekicks then went on to take another jab at me and my education on twitter and on his podcast by claiming that I have a ghostwriter for my blog; as if my BS from the University of Kentucky in Integrated Strategic Communications and my second BS in nursing from Chamberlain isn’t  “fancy schmancy” enough to qualify me to author a blog. I suppose I should be flattered that he thinks my writing is so good I have a ghostwriter, but Kyle, please look up what a degree in Integrated Strategic Communications  is and understand I have been journaling and writing about my experience with domestic abuse for years now and this blog is the first public reveal of my journals.  Let me repeat this for all the people with non-fancy schmancy educations that have trouble with comprehension –  this is my blog and these are my writings.  Then on his podcast, Kyle and his sidekicks also hint that my ghostwriter might be a “notable” friend and then in a way that would put the Riddler to shame, they hint that my notable friend is associated with “Hookem.”

So, I took my dunce cap off and sat at my computer with my non-fancy schmancy education and racked my brains over and over trying to figure out who he is referring to.  Finally, it dawned on me that he must be referring to my good friend, Michelle Herman.  Now to connect the dots for all you people with non-fancy schmancy educations, Michelle Herman is the wife of University of Texas head coach, Tom Herman, and the motto for the Texas Longhorns is Hookem…get it??? I guess we should all believe that Michelle’s Accounting/Finance degree is somehow more fancy schmancy than my own and makes her way more qualified to author a blog.  Feel free to chime in here anytime you want though Michelle, mi casa es su casa!  By the way, I then used my newly acquired super-sleuth skills to also deduce that the go-to diversion tactic for my ex-husband and the Ohio State crowd is – when all else fails, blame the Hermans.

Kyle also mocked my belief that the Powell PD wanted the investigation files suppressed. Again, I plan on addressing that in another post and anyone who is interested in hearing my thoughts on it will just have to wait until then.  Whether or not Kyle is my ex-husband’s mouthpiece, is supportive of him and is “neutral,” I’ll let everyone else be the judge and jury on that.  However, Kyle, let’s you and I end the charade of you not having a direct line to my ex-husband, his family and probably his attorney. I know my education probably isn’t up to your standard of fancy schmancy, but I think we’re both smarter than this.


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Thanks and have blessed day!

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